Congo, The Invisible Democracy

Arnaud Soulier
2011, 52'

Through an experiment aiming strengthening civil society in the Republic of Congo, the film asks about the possible construction of a democratic society in this country.

Cinematography : Pierre Stoeber Assitant director : Justin Mambiki Sound and sound mixing : Roman Dymny Editing : Jean-Robert Thomann Colourists : Pierre Stoeber et Jean-Robert Thomann Technical providers : Donuts, DC Audiovisuel, Tigre production, Les films du requin, Polyson and Magnolias Films With : Alain Mbemba, Félix Batantou, Justin Mambiki, Cyr Samba, Jean-Louis Vielajus, Olga Kabanabandza, Jean Mermoz, Lydie Fortunée Kouka, Georgette Médja, Reye Gandzoungou, Albanne Ndzaba, Robert Ngadziami, Basile Makita, Paul Kampakol
Produced by Acrobates Films, with the support of the CFSI – Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée CNC) and of Tv Paese.