It is winter in Damascus (Syria). Sana is leaving alone with her son (8 years old), her husband is working in Saudi Arabia. There is no more gas to cook neither to warm the house. Sana takes a day off to find a gas cylinder. From then begins a trip in the surroundings of Damas where she is going to be brutally confronted to the war effects.

First feature film of the Syrian director Soudade Kaadan. Currently on postproduction.

ProductionStagePartenairesMain Cast and Team
A coproduction KAF Production (Lebanon) and Acrobates Films
On postproduction
Aide aux Cinémas du Monde, HBF+Europe Minority Fund, Arab Human Rights Fund, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Prince Claus Grant, Doha Film Institute, SANAD, Asian Cinema Fund.
Sawsan ARSHID (Sana), Reham AL KASAR (Reem), Samer ISMAIL (Jalal), Ahmad ALI (Khalil).

Author and Director : Soudade Kaadan
Delegate Producer : Amira Kaadan

Director of Photography : Eric Devin
Sound engineer : Rayan Obeid
1st Assistant director : Sonia Tahallah
Set designer : Maia Al Khoury
Costume designer : Rime Al Jabr
Chief editor : Pierre Deschamps