Love in Concrete / Amor en concreto

Franco de Pena
2003, 110'

A night in Caracas, in a corner of the Latin world, driving on one or the avenues filled with concrete: there is Carlos, a taxi driver, who thinks he knows the ultimate secrets about love, although in reality he has a crush on Carmen, a wraitress, but does not how to approach her in the last 20 years; by the same avenue, there is Claudia, a responsible Doctor, who ecists trapped in a life full of husband, though she is thinking about leaving him after 20 years; on a 500cc Yamaha, Hector accompanied by his girlfriend Yamila, accelerates at full speed, promising her that they’re gonna get out of this shit hole of life.

There is also Tony, a young man forever in conflict with his father, and Clemencia a travestite.

That night on the Libertador Avenue, six characters have decided to change their life in that city…

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A co-production with Cameo Film (Germany), Zyga Films (Venezuela)  and ZDF/ARTE.

With the support of Nordrhein Westfalen Fund and Fonds Sud Cinéma.

• Best original script in Huelva (Spain)

• Prima de qualidad in Caracas : Best first movie, Best performance by an actress and an actor in a leading role, Best picture and Best male supporting role

• Selected in Cannes Film Festival – World Cinema 2005, Sao Paulo, Toulouse, Cartagena, Miami, Mar del Plata, Istanbul, Calcutta, Cairo.

Carlos : Carlos Miranda

Carmen : Carmen Landata

Tony : Alejandro Chaban

Le père de Tony : Alejo Felipe

Clemencia : Eric Wilpret

Claudia : Beatriz Valdez

Alvaro : Aroldo Berancourt

Hector : Gregorio Milano

Yamila : Maria Alejandra Espero

Scriptwriters : Franco de Pena, Thomas Kempski, Antoine Vivas and Adres Schaffer

Cinematography : Antoine Vivas and Markus Stein

Sound Operator : Joanna Napieralska

Editor : Jean-Robert Thomann

Music composer : Nikos Kypourgos

• Broadcast format : 35 mm

• Original version with French / English subtitles

Spanish trailer