Fanta Régina Nacro
2001, 31'

BroadcastingCast and CrewProductionTechnical informations

International sales : Winstar TV & Video

French distributor Acrobates Films

TV broadcasting : Arte France, Canal +, NOS (Netherlands), PBS (United-States), YLE (Finland)

World theatrical releases : South Africa and United-States

Scriptwriter : Fanta Régina Nacro

Cinematography : Nara Keo Kozal

Sound : Fabrice Bonfanti

Editing : Nano Chesnais

Sound : Patrice Mendez

Music composers : Yacouba Compaore et Maï Lingani

Production : Claire-Agnès Queva Lajoumard (Key Light) et Simon Bright (Zimmedia)

Nationality : France – Zimbabwe – Burkina Faso

Actors :

Alima Salouka Kone (Bintou)

Hyppolite Ouangrawa (Abel)

A coproduction Key Light (France), Zimmedia (Zimbabwe) and Les Films du Défi (Burkina Faso). A film produced as ârt of the series Mama Africa.

With the support of the Communauté Européenne, M’NET, ITVS, Winstar Production, NOVIB, HIVOS, HBF

• Broadcast format : 35mm, 1:85