100.000 children die each year in Africa, South America and South Asia because of this illness called NOMA that might be overthrown quite easily.

Shot in Niger, this film shows the work of some doctors and surgical teams who try to save children from what is supposed to be their destiny.

Production Broadcasting Festivals Technical sheet

Produced by Acrobates Films in collaboration with the support of the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée (CNC), Cityzen TV and Sentinelles.

Cityzen TV, KTO, Telesonne, Tv Paese, Perpignan Infos

• Award of the Best Documentary, Regards sur le Cinéma du Sud, Rouen – 2006

• Festival International du Film d’Amiens

• Lumières d’Afrique, Besançon

• Du Grain à Démoudre, Gonfreville l’Orcher

• MEDIMED, Sitges (Spain)

• Docusur (Spain)

• EcoVision, Palerme (Italy)

Photography : Christian Lajoumard

Sound : Christian Lajoumard and Raoul Fruhauf

Editor : Marie-Laure Désidéri

Sound mixing : Raoul Fruhauf

Colourist : Arnaud Sentenac

• Broadcast format : Beta digital, 16/9

• French original version and


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