Giovanna Marini – The Voice of the Invisibles

Marie-Laure Désidéri & Christian Argentino
2015, 52'

Giovanna Marini 700 x 350

Giovanna Marini became fascinated very young for the collection of traditional songs still alive in the Italy of the sixties: sacred songs, profane songs, or social struggles. An activist approach born of her encounter with Pasolini.
Singer, author, composer, we follow her daily, in concert, and in her school in Rome.
For this exceptional woman, transmit popular knowledge is a necessity, a ferment of her artistic life.

ProductionBroadcastingTechnical sheetParticipants
A production Acrobates Film – with the participation of Télé Paese & the CNC
Télé Paese
Directed and edited by Marie-Laure Désidéri & Christian Argentino
Frame : Christian Argentino
Sound : Jean-Daniel Bécache
Additional sounds and images : Marie-Laure Désidéri
Mixing : Florence Hermitte
Color grading : Laurent Fenart
Giovanna Marini, Xavier Rebut, Umberto Orsini, Patrizia Rotonda, Valentina Musolino, Germana Mastropasqua… And the Vocal quartet Giovanna Marini composed ok Patrizia Bovi, Francesca Bresch, Patrizia Nasini, Giovanna Marini