Paradis Fragile 700 x 350

The Vietnamese Island Phu Quoc is located in southern Vietnam.

Near the Cambodian coast, it has long been a source of conflict between the two countries.

Harsh land to marine activities, long time isolated, the island now opens to mass tourism.

The landscape, including the coast is transform at unbelievable speed.

Paradis fragile is not the polemical conclusion from the brutality of changes in a long time-preserved place, but the melancholic portrait of what still exists at the dawn of great change.

Télé Paese
Directed & framed : Christian Lajoumard
Sound and Edited : Raoul Fruhauf et Christian Lajoumard
Mixing : Raoul Fruhauf
Color grading : Laurent Fénart
Un coproduction Acrobates Films et Télé Paese
Vu Minh Luan, Vo Hoang Hân, Trân Quoc Tien, N’Guyen Minh Hieu, Trân Quôc Thuân, Lê Thanh Binh, Van Bi Tran, Trân Duc Niên, Lê Van Nhon, Romeo Lajoumard.