Vincent Before Noon

Guillaume Mainguet
2018, 17'

A father visits his son Vincent after years of conflict and interrupts him right in the middle of his house move. Vincent reacts violently to this intrusion. The weaken father announces despite himself the actual motive of his visit. In a few minutes, memories spring to mind and move the two men deeply.

ProductionArtistic SheetTechnical sheet
An Acrobates Films production, with the support of the Région des Pays de la Loire, in partnership with the CNC and the support of the ADAMI
Jacques Bonnaffé (The father), Mathias Labelle (Vincent), Martin Buraud (The postman)
Director : Guillaume Mainguet
Script : Yona Rozenkier et Guillaume Mainguet
Producer : Claire-Agnès Queva Lajoumard

Photography : Lionel Perrin
Sound engineer : Raphaël Bigaud
1rst assistant director : Thomas Cesbron

Chief electrician : Pierre Michaud
Production designer : Anne Guillois
Costume supervisor : Julia Bourlier

Editor : Suzana Pedro
Sound editor : Florent Vrac
Mixing engineer : Matthieu Dallaporta
Colorist : Yov Moor