The Winter Within

2021 – A film by Aamir Bashir – in coproduction with Sangbaaz Films

In Srinagar, Indian Kashmir, Nargis looks for her husband that she thinks is prisoner in a military camp. Fired by her boss, she returns to her village in the mountains…

2018 – A film by Soudade Kaadan – in coproduction with KAF Production

  • Lion of the Future for the Best First Feature Films – Venice 2018

Syria, 2012. During the coldest winter ever witnessed, all Sana dreams of is cooking gas to prepare a meal for her son. She takes a day off from her job to search for a gas cylinder and suddenly finds herself stuck in an area under siege…

2016 – A film by K. Rajagopal – in coproduction with Akanga Film Asia

  • Official Selection Critics Week – Cannes 2016

Siva, a Singaporean Indian man, is released from prison for contraband smuggling. Unable to find forgiveness from his mother, he begins a quest to locate his ex-wife and daughter…

2015 – A film by Phan Dang Di – in coproduction with DNY Vietnam

  • International Competition – Berlinale 2015
  • Young Jury Award – Festival des 3 Continents Nantes 2015

A group of friends discover love, lust and each other as a new millennium begins in Vietnam, from steamy Saigon nightlife to traditional family existence.

2010 – A film by Phan Dang Di – in coproduction with Arte France Cinéma

  • SACD Award and support ACID/CCAS – Official Selection Critics Week – Cannes 2010
  • Young Jury Award – Festival Premiers Plans – Angers 2010

In old Hanoi, Bi, a six-year-old boy, lives with his parents, his aunt, and their nurse. After years of absence, Bi’s grandfather returns from abroad, seriously ill, and stays with them

2009 – A film by Bui Thac Chuyen – in coproduction with Feature Film Studio n°1

  • FIPRESCI Award – Venice 2009

Duyen is marrying a taxi driver without noticing the deep feelings that Cam has for her. Cam hides her love and jealousy, and subtly pushed Duyen into the arms of an experienced and seductive man…

2008 – A film by Pablo Fendrik – in coproduction with Magmacine

  • OFAJ Award – Critics Week – Cannes 2008

Arturo, peaceful taxi driver has to find 2.000 dollars in twenty-four hours. The same day, his son Leandro intends to steal his savings to buy ecstasy…

2004 – A film by Fanta Régina Nacro – in coproduction with Les Films du Défi and France 3 Cinéma

  • Montblanc Award for the Best Screenplay – San Sebastian 2004
  • Grand Prix – Festival de Fribourg 2005
  • Best Screenplay Award – Fespaco 2005

In an African country devastated by ten years of war, a peace treaty is about to be signed. The two camps prepare to meet for a reconciliation party. As the night approaches, the protagonists find themselves face to face….

2004 – A film by Franco de Pena – in coproduction with CAMEO

  • Colon de Plata Award for the Best Original Screenplay – Huelva 2004

The lives of several characters : Carlos, a taxi driver. Carmen, a waitress who has been pining for Carlos for twenty years. Claudia, a doctor whose life revolves around her marriage. Tony, a man in perpetual conflict with his father…