A film by Tumpal Tampubolon

  • In coproduction with Talamedia (Indonesia), Poetik Films (France) and 2Pilots (Germany)
  • Start of shooting : October 2022
  • With the support of Aide aux Cinémas du Monde and Région Nouvelle Aquitaine

Johan and his mother live on the island of Java, away from the city. They manage a decrepit crocodile park as best they can. As a widow, Mama sometimes confides in a large albino crocodile as if it were a member of the family…

Corsican Emotions

A documentary by Christian Lajoumard

  • On shooting
  • With the support of CNC
  • In coproduction with viàTelePaese

Corsica has always been a land dedicated to agro-pastoralism and this since antiquity. At the turn of the 60’s, Corsica, which had become a popular tourist destination, progressively saw its agricultural lands abandoned. For the past ten years, some farmers have chosen to revive agriculture on the island by mixing tradition and modernity. Corsican Emotions follow, throughout the seasons, five of these farmers involved in this revival.

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