Congo, The Invisible Democracy

Arnaud Soulier
2011, 52'

Through an experiment aiming strengthening civil society in the Republic of Congo, the film asks about the possible construction of a democratic society in this country.

ProductionTechnical sheet
Produced by Acrobates Films, with the support of the CFSI – Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée CNC) and of Tv Paese.
Cinematography : Pierre Stoeber Assitant director : Justin Mambiki Sound and sound mixing : Roman Dymny Editing : Jean-Robert Thomann Colourists : Pierre Stoeber et Jean-Robert Thomann Technical providers : Donuts, DC Audiovisuel, Tigre production, Les films du requin, Polyson and Magnolias Films With : Alain Mbemba, Félix Batantou, Justin Mambiki, Cyr Samba, Jean-Louis Vielajus, Olga Kabanabandza, Jean Mermoz, Lydie Fortunée Kouka, Georgette Médja, Reye Gandzoungou, Albanne Ndzaba, Robert Ngadziami, Basile Makita, Paul Kampakol