A Collected Africa

Un film de Christian Lajoumard

The African continent contributed to the world culture heritage through centuries thanks to its remarkable artworks.
Most of the time organizations and individuals outside of this continent keep African artworks. The biggest issue is the question of the access to this legacy once created in Africa and exploited today in Northern countries.
“A Collected Africa” establishes the current state of this complex Northern/Southern relationship regarding the traditional African art. The film puts in perspective the different opinions that lead the African art destiny. Allowing art collectors, gallery owners, museum directors, researchers, philosophers, sociologists and artists, to open a dialogue that will be a major one in the art world within the coming years.

ProductionDiffusionTechnical sheetParticipants
An Acrobates Films production with the participation of Télé Paese and CNC with the support of Procirep and Angoa Agicoa
Télé Paese
Director : Christian Lajoumard
Image : Emmanuelle Le Fur, Raoul Fruhauf, Christian Lajoumard
Sound : Christian Lajoumard et Raoul Fruhauf
Editing : Raoul Fruhauf
Mixing : Raoul Fruhauf
Grading : Laurent Fénart
Gaëlle Beaujean, Emmanuel Kasarhérou (Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac)
Jean-Paul Koudougou (Burkina Faso National Museum)
Samuel Sidibé (Mali National Museum)
Julien Volper (Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale de Tervuren)
Jean-Louis Sagot Duvauroux (Philosopher)
Lucien Humbert (Promoteur d’échanges culturels)
Olivier Sultan (Galerie Art-Z)
Lassine “King” Massassy (Artiste photographe comédien)
François Gaudeau (Collector)
Hamadou Mande (Responsable culturel)
Vincent Négri (Researcher CNRS – Institut des Sciences sociales du Politique)
Lionel Manga (Writer)
Vincent Koala (Cultural Operator)
Jean Vivier (Collector)
Claude Lecomte (Galerie Lecomte)
Jean Ziegler (Sociologist)
Christophe Sawadogo (Painter)
Henri Racsz (Collector)
Yaya Coulibaly (Puppet master)
Didier Claes (Galerie Claes).