Aum Neko is a young transgender Thai activist who became one of the main targets for the military junta when they seized power in Bangkok in May 2014. For this creative documentary we followed her in the midst of her rapid rise to fame, of her fight for democracy, of her life in clandestinity and then into her flight from Thailand after the military took power.

Image and sound: Iv C. Ching
Most of the team was thai but for safety reasons many have to remain anonymous.
Additional images : Emmanuelle Lefur, Neti Wichiansaen, Saharat Wu
Editing : Mallika Boonthing, Iv C. Ching
Sound editor : Benjamin Rosier
Sound mixing engineer : Roman Dymny
Colorist : Laurent Fénart
Choregrapher : Thanapol Virulhakul
Music : Wielfrid Paris
Producer : Claire Lajoumard
An Acrobates Films production in coproduction with Proarti and the support of Bourse Brouillon d’un rêve Scam, Région Grand Est, Sacem.