L’Opera dei Pupi de Palerme

Marie-Laure Désidéri et Christian Argentino
2012, 52'

  Rod-muppets, called “Pupi” are becoming increasingly widespread in Sicily since the nineteenth century. Medieval Chansons de gestes and especially the Song of Roland inspired these shows. How strange to hear in Palermo of Charlemagne and Angelica the Beautiful ! Mimmo Cuticchio and his company Figli d’Arte are the heirs of a family tradition, the last virtuosos of an endangered art. Mimmo Cuticchio draws on the ancient culture of Sicilian storytellers but renews the genre : far from being a children’s entertainment, its creation is fully grounded in today’s theatre.

Production Broadcasting Technical sheetParticipants
Produced by Acrobates Films with the support of Télé Paese and the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC).
• International sales : Beliane (contact@beliane.com)
Cinematography : Christian Argentino Sound : Marie-Laure Désidéri Editing : Marie-Laure Désidéri and Christian Argentino Colourist : Laurent Fénart Sound mixing : Florence Hermitte Narrator : Marie-Hélène Clément
• Italian original version with french subtitles • Broadcast format : HD Cam, 16/9
Pina Patti Cuticchio, Mimmo Cuticchio, Giacomo Cuticchio, Tania Giordano, Heidi Mancino, Ferdinando Taviani and Fulvio Verna