Taiwan, Chosen Portraits

Jean-Robert Thomann
2004, 78'

From time to time, we heard about Taiwan in European medias the difficult relationship with China, the frigates affair, the famous “Made in Taiwan”… but we don’t know much about this distant island.

Populated by different successive forced migration waves, Taiwan is crossbreeding country today where identity matter is in the middle of the social and political discussions.

By following three people issued from different communities, the film approaches the complex history history of this island which beside the economical miracle, tries to find its place in front of the big continental China.

The film has been shot during presidential elections in March 2004 while Chen Shui Bian has been re-elected, a strong defender of a Taiwanese identity separate from China.

ProductionBroadcastingFestivalsTechnical sheet

Une production Acrobates Films avec le soutien du Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC), de la Procirep, de l’Angoa et de Cityzen TV.

Cityzen TV, Télé Paese

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