Blood Appears by Pablo Fendrik
  • Critic’s Week Cannes – 2008

Arturo is a peaceful taxi driver who has to find two thousand dollars in twenty-four hours. Ramiro, his oldest son who ran away four years ago, suddenly calls from Houston, Texas asking for help. Arturo’s wife, Irene, tries to keep their savings out of reach.

The same day, Leandro, their youngest son is about to steal them to buy a stock of ecstasy that he intends to sell on the coast to buy a plane ticket to join his brother. When each faces off against the other to get that money, Arturo turns back into the man who drove Ramiro to flee four years earlier to Vietnam.

  • Arturo : Arturo Goetz
  • Leandro : Nahuel Perez Biscayart
  • Mc Enroe : Guillermo Arengo
  • Irene : Stella Galazzi
  • Vanesa : Ailin Salas
  • Romina : Guadalupe Docampo
  • Marcela : Susana Pampin
  • Director : Pablo Fendrik
  • Scriptwriter : Pablo Fendrik
  • Composer : Juan Ignacio Bouscayrol
  • Director of photography : Julian Apezteguia
  • Producers : Juan Pablo Gugliotta, Claire Lajoumard, Ole Landsjoaasen
  • Editor : Leandro Aste
  • Set designer : Pablo Maestre Galli
  • Production director : Nathalia Videla Pena
  • Sound engineer : Leandro de Loredo

Pablo Fendrik was noticed in 2007 with the thriller “The Assailant”. Graduate of the Buenos Aires Center of Cinematographic Research, he invested himself in cinema at the frontier of genre and authorism. Assistant director and then screenwriter, he was formed along with other filmmakers. He worked with Alejandro Agresti on the production of “Wind Takes Them Elsewhere” and “One Night With Sabrina” as well as with Jorge Gaggero and Sandra Gugliotta where he signed the respective scenarios “Vida en Falcon” and “Las Vidas Posible”. In 2009 he released his second feature film, “Blood Appears”. Again presented at Critic Week, this confirms the talent of Pablo Fendrik.

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