Corsican Sequences by Christian Lajoumard

Corsica is often exposed in a caricatural way in the permanent glorification of the island of beauty or in the presentation of the conflicts which shake it.

This rock in the sea is however under many aspects and in spite of the countless films which are devoted to it, much more complex and rich than it appears. The women and men of Corsica are far from the “Image d’Épinal” attached to residents of the Mediterranean, speaking rarely and hiding emotion. Profoundly attached to their land and to their traditions, they maintain a strong relationship with the universe and form a sort of symbiosis with a superb and violent nature.

It is this connection between man and nature which the film reveals, weaving the portrait of a world where words, feelings, activities and natural elements make up the vivacious image of an island rich in history whose face is turned towards the future. To quote one of the characters, “Here, we may have wasted less chances for the society or societies of tomorrow”.

Documentary – 52’ – 2004
Director : Christian Lajoumard

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