Crocodile Tears
by Tumpal Tampubolon

An aging crocodile park in Java. This is where Johan and his mother Mama live, hidden from the outside world.

Sometimes, Mama confides in a large albino crocodile as if it were a family member, which seems normal to Johan, who has lived with animals his whole life. When Johan and Arumi – a waitress at a karaoke – meet by chance, they fall in love. After which Johan proposes that she come live with them. This intrusion disturbs Mama and threatens to destroy the fragile equilibrium of the family.

  • In postproduction
  • Autor – Director : Tumpal Tampubolon
  • Production : Talamedia (Indonesia) – Acrobates Films (France) – Poetik Films (France) – 2Pilots (Germany)
  • International Sales : Cercamon
  • Aide aux Cinémas du Monde / With the support of Charente-Maritime department and Nouvelle-Aquitaine region / NRW Fund (Germany) / Governmental Grant (Indonesia)
  • Shooting country : Indonesia
  • Language : Bahasa

Tumpal Tampubolon is an Indonesian scriptwriter and director.

He first studied mathematics before devoting himself to cinema after graduating. In 2007 he participated in the Asian Young Filmmakers in Jeonju, South Korea. He directed Drum Lesson during this period. He directed Mamalia in 2010, one of the short films for Belkibolang Omnibus Film. Belkibolang was selected in Rotterdam, Hong-Kong, Jeonju and in Udine Far East Film Festival. In 2014 he won the Citra Award for Best Original Screenplay for Tabula Rasa, one of Indonesia’s most prestigious awards. In 2022 his film The Sea Calls for Me won the award for best short film in Busan.


  • CROCODILE TEARS – feature film – in development
  • THE SEA CALLS FOR ME – short film / Director, 2022 / Best film – Busan International Film Festival
  • TABULA RASA – feature film / Scriptwriter, 2014 / Best original screenplay – Citra Award
  • ROCKET RAIN – feature film / Scriptwriter, 2013 / Best Non-Cinema Film and Best director at the Apresiasi Film Festival of Indonesia / Geber Award for the Best film at the Jogja-Netpac Festival / International Film Festival of Karlovivary
  • SOLERAM – short film / Director, 2011
  • MAMALIA – Belkibolang Omnibus Film / Director, 2010 / International Film Festival of Rotterdam / International Film Festival of Hong-Kong / International Film Festival of Jeonju / Udine Far East Film Festival
  • DRUM LESSON – short film / Director, 2008
  • THE LAST BELIEVER – short film / Director, 2006 / Best fiction short film at the International Film Festival of Jakarta

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