Seasons of Corsica by Christian Lajoumard
  • Duration : 52′
  • Year of production : 2022

The farmers of Corsica have, like all the farmers of the world, the rare and modest word. They spend all day working in their fields, their vineyards, near their herds and that twelve months on twelve. It is this work and these rare words that the film exposes in the course of the seasons and in the succession of the tasks which make live the lands of Corsica.

With Ilda Penciolelli (A Pasturella – Corte), Jean-Luc Battesti (L’Umbriccia – Azzana), Christophe Ferrandis (Clos Signadore – Patrimonio), Claude Blanc (San Ghjuvà – Sari d’Orcino), Jacques Abbatucci (Vache Tigre Farm – Serra-di-Ferro)

  • Image : Christian Lajoumard
  • Assistant director : Roméo Lajoumard
  • Sound : Roméo Lajoumard
  • Editing : Marie-Laure Désidéri
  • Sound mixing : Matthieu Dallaporta
  • Color grading : Laurent Fénart
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