2022 – A film by Romeo Lajoumard

This morning is not like any other, the black drops flowing through the tap seem to announce a bad omen.

2019 – A film by Guillaume Mainguet

A man visits his son, Vincent, to announce him that he has a memory disease. They have not seen each other for several years and left each other angry. Vincent in the middle of moving, reacts badly to this intrusion. The two men let their animosity and their need to assert their respective word emerge.

2013 – A film by Christian Lajoumard

A street corner in the big Bolivian city. An old woman sits on the sidewalk. The world revolves around her: cars, passers-by… Nobody looks at her, nobody pays attention to her! 12 minutes during which the world ignores her and she ignores the world. She disappears! She disappears! Did she even exist ?

2012 – A film by Christian Lajoumard

In Niger, the dressings needed to treat burns cost 5,000 CFA francs per day. A large part of the population lives on 1,000 CFA francs and cannot afford health care. Without proper care, burn victims remain bedridden for months waiting for a transplant. The after-effects are definitive.

2011 – A film by Christian Lajoumard

I went to South America in search of a missing person. I was lost in an unknown world. A universe too big for me… And I’ve gone mad!

2009 – A film by Christian Lajoumard

In Funchal, on the island of Madeira, the sailors, before leaving for the oceans, before throwing themselves into the unknown, leave on the quays and dykes of the port, a final message, the traces of their passage… A few signs before embarking for the end of the world.

2009 – A film by Christian Lajoumard

For thousands of men, beyond the seas, it is the dream that can come true. For thousands of men, this crossing is a farewell to their land. For thousands of men, this journey, barely begun, is already without return. For thousands of men, the dream is over, a journey with no return.

2009 – A film by Christian Lajoumard

The night. The adults dance around the fire. In the middle of the shadows. The children are watching.

2000 – A film by Christian Lajoumard

A beautiful summer day: water, trees, life…
A memory: the war, the screams, the death…

1998 – A film by Christian Lajoumard

In a vast empty space, a sleeping boxer relives in his dreams moments of his career: training sequences, fights. The deserted space is gradually recomposed through images of struggle, press clippings and photos. We relive in a few minutes the life of this man, from the absolute glory to the irreversible fall.

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