Feature Films

2022 – A film by Andrew Sala

Nacho returns to his father’s home, the owner of a cow-breeding ranch. But a few days before the annual auction, cows die without any explanation. Nacho discovers himself in this new place, where social clash and underlying hate prevails.

2021 – A film by Aamir Bashir

In Srinagar, the winter capital of Kashmir in India, Nargis is a domestic worker for a wealthy family. She looks for her husband, Manzoor, hoping he is still alive, locked up in a military camp. Fired from her job she is left with no choice but to return to her village.

2019 – A film by Soudade Kaadan

Syria, 2012, the coldest winter this country has ever known. Sana’s only dream is to
be able to cook warm meals for her son. She takes a day off from her job to search for a gas cylinder and suddenly finds herself stuck in an area under siege. It is then that she discovers that people lose their shadows during war.

2016 – A film by K. Rajagopal

Siva, a Singaporean Indian man, is released after spending years in prison for contraband smuggling. Unable to find forgiveness from his mother, he begins a quest to locate his ex-wife and daughter. Just as he finds solace and hope in the company of an illegal Chinese prostitute, he is confronted with an unbearable truth about his family.
How far will he go to get rid of his guilt?

2015 – A film by Phan Dang Di

Saïgon, early 2000’s. Vu is a photography apprentice, Thang lives of small traffic and Van dreams to become a dancer. Reunited by the tumult of the city, they will have to face the reality of a country in full mutation.

2010 – A film by Phan Dang Di

In old Hanoi, Bi, a six-year-old, lives with his parents, his aunt, and their cook. His favorite place to play is a glass factory. After years of absence, Bi’s grandfather returns from abroad, seriously ill, and stays with them. Gradually, a relationship is forged between Bi and his grandfather as Bi’s father drifts farther from the family. Each night, his father gets drunk and seeks comfort in the arms of a hairdresser who he is infatuated with. His mother turns a blind eye. Bi’s aunt, a prudish high school teacher, meets a high schooler on a bus. Her attraction to him overwhelms her.

2009 – A film by Bui Thac Chuyen

The relationship between Duyen and Cam, two young women, is complicated. Duyen is marrying a taxi driver without noticing the deep feelings that Cam has for her. Cam hides her love and jealousy, and subtly pushed Duyen into the arms of an experienced and seductive man, Tho. With him, Duyen discovers for the first time her femininity, hidden until then by the constraints of traditional morality.

2008 – A film by Pablo Fendrik

Arturo is a peaceful taxi driver who has to find two thousand dollars in twenty-four hours. Ramiro, his oldest son who ran away four years ago, suddenly calls from Houston, Texas asking for help. Arturo’s wife, Irene, tries to keep their savings out of reach.
The same day, Arturo’s youngest son Leandro intends to steal the savings to buy ecstasy, which he will sell on the coast to buy a plane ticket to join his brother. As they butt heads to obtain the money, Arturo returns to the man he was four years ago – the one that caused Ramiro’s running away.

2004 – A film by Fanta Régina Nacro

In the present day, in an imaginary African country devasted by ten years of war, a peace treaty is about to be signed. The two camps prepare to meet for a reconciliation party intended to last a full night. As the day approaches, the protagonists find themselves face to face.

2004 – A film by Franco de Peña

The lives of several characters intertwine: Carlos, a taxi driver. Carmen, a waitress who has been pining for Carlos for twenty years. Claudia, a doctor whose life revolves around her marriage. Tony, a man in perpetual conflict with his father…

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